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I dunnow
The fleeting form of a young child’s smile, is an image that doesn’t just last for a while, it is what keeps one going through the common day bile,
It can brighten one’s day, make them understand it will turn out okay, that one should let things do as they may,
Protection for all, a verbal trap for which we all fall, it lures us as if it could have been our very mating call,
The sins of which we speak in books, are all but a shimmer of their actual looks,
Pain does remain, constables will prosecute in vain, and those memories have turned into a genuine bane,
Does man not desire to be seen as the best, to fight, cheat, bleed, and wit hall his might, create the world locked in his mind? And do children not seek this very same world? The one they create, a world full of dragons where they are the masters of their very own fate?
Do we not grow up to see, that that old world of glee, has ceased to be, or is that just me?
As that old devil draws near, there is nothing we fe
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Ye Olde Verse
The blood Doth betray, the crops doth decay, the priest knows none but to pray,
Air doth grow weary, the doomsayer exclaims his theory, the king’s wrath’s quite fiery,
The sea fights the land, brings its beasts to the sand, though they might seem like a friend, for our demise they’re hellbent,
Doth thou cure the sick? Doth thou save the dying? Doth thou protect the weak?
Murky skies, dreadful eyes, unearthly cries, corpses with flies, with no one but ourselves to despise,
Was it worth the sacrifice, to activate the device, to risk all those lives,
To fear the future, praise the present, and resent the past?
Weep oh willow of the night, do fill our hearts with fright, and maybe one day we might, find a true cause worth this ungodly fight…
Hear ye oh dreadful thoughts of death, alone in the darkness is where we’ve been left, this attempt to make us believe you are fake is blatant thought theft,
For the ill will thou doth create, to doom us all to an unknown
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Lass, you may think me a poet, but I lack the rhymes to show it,
Though your beauty is something that does mesmerize, your personality is something we all despise, and when I stare deep in your eyes, all I see is that pretty little girl that knows nothing but her own cries..
You may be broken deep within, you refuse to show us, which I deem quite a sin...
Your ideas bring us all a deep shudder down our backs, but you don't care about these facts,
Words you speak, might make you seem like a freak, but we both know you've reached your peak...
Go home and rest, it will be for your own best,
Think about your actions, how it caused all these fractions...
We'll talk when you've rethought your life.... Found a goal for which you shall strive,
Know that I'll be by your side, no matter with who you might collide.. Heck, we're both along for the ride...
We care about this crazy thing called love, thought what causes us to is an unknown force from above....
Break free from your chain, prance arou
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Charato: The dawn of something grand
This piece of fiction is based upon a game of Civilization V I played, it'll contain names of real life nations, empires and countries. The geography will be off when compared to real life and it will contain nations that would not have met in our actual history ally up or fight each other. This story will be one of a single man born in Dez'Lurr (Officially Attila's Court, this is the only thing that has been changed when compared to the real life names. Dez'Lurr is a former city-state in this story and has grown into an empire.). The year is 1659 AD.
A man of Lurric heritage walks to the middle of the podium and turns to face his crowd, a crowd of young men and women. Most of these youngsters have even barely reached the age of 18. There reigns a silence in the crowd, this crowd of young people are all graduates, graduates of the military academy of Dez'Lurr, despite not all having Lurric heritage themselves, those having been born in the the closer Slavic cities of St. Petersburg and
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Bixbite :iconsneakymedusa:Sneakymedusa 3 2 I made a Tumblr Header. :iconsneakymedusa:Sneakymedusa 1 3 Blair McBlaze and Banana Pie :iconsneakymedusa:Sneakymedusa 0 0 Blair McBlaze :iconsneakymedusa:Sneakymedusa 1 0 Anime girl with freckless :iconsneakymedusa:Sneakymedusa 1 3 Vanessa :iconsneakymedusa:Sneakymedusa 1 50 Lamia :iconsneakymedusa:Sneakymedusa 0 0 The great and Powerfull Trixie :iconsneakymedusa:Sneakymedusa 2 0 WinterMist :iconsneakymedusa:Sneakymedusa 1 0 Meduza :iconsneakymedusa:Sneakymedusa 1 0 anime girl face :iconsneakymedusa:Sneakymedusa 0 0 anime girl face :iconsneakymedusa:Sneakymedusa 0 0


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I am just a person who likes to believe that the world can be a better place.........(Believing lies is so easy)


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